Some examples of my work as a tattoo artist.

I've been into tattooing since I got my first tattoo at 2013.
On 2015 I took a workshop at Chamuca Tattoo where I learned asepsis, techniques, styles, history, ethics, and the basics of tattooing.
After that, I was an apprentice for a year at Simian Ink México City and started working with black ink.
Drawing flashes every day made my path to become an Illustrator so I developed my own style
and I would love to work with custom tattoos, but I know how to appreciate tiny pieces and other simple works.
I'm currently working at Atticus Tattoo, give them a call and ask for Ninna to make an appointment with me :)

Smol tatts

Some examples of tiny tattoos I've made, I really enjoy this kind of work, is a good option for your first tattoo if you feel stressed about it just think that it may take about 15 min (sometimes even less) so take a deep breath and come and get that tatt.

All client designs.

Tattooing fingers are a very different process, since you need to work  the skin in a special way, so even if it's very small it does take a little more time ;)

All client designs.

Not so smoll tatts

Perfect for adding just a little bit more detail, also a good choice for your first tattoo

Script is very fun too

All client designs.

Medium Tattoos

We may spend way more than one hour, but the details worth it ;)

Flash piece 4 hours tattoo time.

Flash Piece

Coustom piece.


Ready to spend the whole day with me? Here are some tips for big pieces, please have a good meal before coming, also drink lots of water and mousturize your skin, you can bring snacks, and pick a couple of movies to watch.

Coustom design, 6 hours of tattoo time.

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My hour rate is $160 CAD

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Flash design, 7 hours of tattoo time.

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Flash Piece

Custom  Piece

Flash Piece

I do care about your safety.
asepsis and Tattoo -basics certification
worksite safety - Bloodborne pathogens