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My work

Some of my favourite projects. Make sure I'm the right artist for you, think if the style you have in mind matches with mine.
Subjects I always like to work with are obscure stuff anime floral pieces and my favourite the representation of abstract concepts trough female portraits.
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My experience as a tattoo artist.

I've been into tattooing since I got my first tattoo at 2013.
On 2015 I took a workshop at Chamuca Tattoo where I learned asepsis, techniques, styles, history, ethics, and the basics of tattooing.
After that, I was an apprentice for a year at Simian Ink México City and started working with black ink.
I fell in love with color while working at Atticus Tattoo my home for a year in Calgary, AB. Now that I  moved to Toronto I can't wait to start working in cool projects.   
I'm currently working at Chronic Ink, give them a call and ask for Ninna Renard to make an appointment with me :)


Tell me your idea, complete this survey to receive a FREE estimate, don't forget to mention you want to work with me ;)
Ninna Renard

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I do care about your safety.
asepsis and Tattoo -basics certification
worksite safety - Bloodborne pathogens