Sticker Club


This is an activity I share with my spanish speakers followers on facebook, it's a Facebook Group were I share stickers mostly fow whatsapp every tuesday, you can join if you don't mind the spanish.


If you want them but you are not a facebook person here is the link, you only need to have sticker maker app already instaled in order to use them.


I want to make them more accessible and share them in more plataforms, I'm currently learning how to put them on app stores and animate them to make gifs. So have little patience here you can support this phase on Patreon.


Colorful content

I'm making speedpaints and other colorful content, learn with me 
and let's have some fun, don't miss an update and subscribe to my channel, hit the bell and enjoy.  Let me know in comments what you want to see on future videos. My channel. 


I'm making comics too

If you don't know this app yet, you are missing a lot, Webtoon is a platform for creators and readers, you can read many genres and there are so good content, I'm making experiments about making comics so every wednesday you can rean a new episode from U Talking To Me?, don't forget to coment and like each episode.


Watch the whole process

You can watch the process of making these projects and my illustrations
I'm live streaming on Twitch and Facebook, follow me on social media to know when I'll be live, please consider following me on these platforms and keep close to this adventure.