From $20 CAD 

  • Better price for 3 or 5 emotes
  • I can do your badges, bits and more.
  • Looking for themes and more Twitch designs? Send me a message.
  • Can I stream while working on your emotes? Follow me on Twitch.
  • Please write down an email where I can make contact with you after your purchase in "Send me details" before you proceed to payment
  • Make sure my style fits with your idea, I have a wide range, please don't ask me to do someone else's style.
  • No refunds after start working on your commission.
  • After you buy this I'll make contact with you within a couple of hours to check out the details.
  • Not sure about something? Send me a message after reading the F.A.Q
  • Files in the 3 sizes for Twitch ready to use.
  • Original file in 500 x 500 pixels.
  • Details optimized for the smallest size.
Send me Details

Everything you need to know

OMG  I can't believe you are here looking to work with me I hope we can do something great, here is some stuff you need to know.

Please Read

I'm not telling you to go and read a book (wich may not be a bad idea) I'm asking you to please take time to read all the instructions and notes before you buy.

Payment Methods

Your payment is supported by PayPal, that makes it 100% secure, you can pay with card through PayPal  portal without an account so credit and debit are Ok.


Consult the F.A.Q page for more anwers, if your question is not listed, please feel free to send me an email, I'll make sure to explain to you every detail.