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Sup, not enough welcomes yet, I was wondering which was the best way to make the most from this website and after overthinking I just started writing and realizing that I love communities and sharing experiences with you trhough this blog could make us closer, and step by step forming a community.

For a while, I said to myself, Hey Ninna but you don't even have nothing to share just keep drawing and shut up. That, and thinking I'm the worst writer ever, made a HUGE wall around my communication skills, but I'm not feeling that anymore, so after working on a plan I decided to do this without looking back. I was drawing a #MeetTheArtist sheet when I realized I have experience about a lot of things that can be shareable and valuable for someone somewhere, so I made the decision of share all this material that is making my journey through art and create bonds with whoever feels identified.

“Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Because it is a way you can give something without losing something.”

Richard Stallman. According to Internet.
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So. What is this going to be about?

Wondering about the topics I would like to touch, I have classified into: Tips and Tricks, to talk about making merch, behind the scenes of the illustrations, improving and connecting things, Lifestyle is most about personal stuff, what makes my days easier and how to surpass the ones that are not easy at all. About the art journey, I would like to share all the techniques I've tried and new experiments on the actual technique. Of course, I'll be open to listening to any topic you want me to talk about.

This is for those who have some interest in digital art, illustration, my work persé and curious people who like this page. I hope everyone finds something valuable on this and become part of a community where we share.

I wouldn't like to overwhelm myself with a tight agenda, so entries beyond announcements will be published once or twice a month, it will depend on how often I hear from you so, with that said I'm gonna go to prepare more illustrations and material to keep this alive.

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