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Lyn is a young investigator that works for a detectives' agency, but her abilities have always been underestimated. However, her natural talent for deduction, as well as the growing atraction for the unknown, lead her to face a huge case, which implications will be bigger than her most ambicious dreams.

I can't remember the day I find WebToon, I wasn't a webcomic person, I was more manga type

All wrong, but well one is sometimes just dumb and that's it, I began to get discouraged when I saw no progress and, of course, if I didn't practice enough and was far from understanding the true path of a tattoo artist, I saw it very easy, and there are many bad examples out there that do not help anything. Anyway. 
In March 2016 I was thinking what to do with my life and reviewing what do I know and what it can do with, I had just moved to México City and was excited to find new opportunities, that month I got a tattoo, this one:

From this
To this

That day I saw the tattoos in a different way and I remembered what it was that I wanted, it changed my mindset so I started doing what I should have done from the beginning.

  • Drawing every day
  • Learn how to coloring
  • And keep drawing

When I felt a little confident, I started to make a portfolio with my best works and decided to contact the studio where I had done the tattoo, this time I was not going to learn by myself and I was determined to listen patiently and learn from who does know, No matter what. I don't know if it was luck but when I sent a message to the studio, I ran into one of the most admirable people I have ever met, Alain, the owner of the studio, at the time it was a very young studio and they were looking to invest in talent to have their own tattoo artists with customs typical of the study and as little contaminated from bad practices as possible (according to my perspective).

We were four apprentices and Alain was very strict, he never treated us badly as the tattoo tales tell us that they treat you in a study when you are an apprentice, when you are dumb recognizes the people disciplined as bad tempered but you just had to take it seriously, so I really wanted it and tried to take everything good with the intention of adopting good tattoo practices.

Raised Image

So far so good, I was going to become a tattoo artist, finally I could practice in people (for free, because if you make a mistake how you dare to charge) I had no problem with that, I was sure that all that efforts will pay off.
And so it was, after a year as apprentice they would take me to a tattoo show, To actually tattoo!. I couldn't be happier, we split a big flash project, we were going to carry a lot of material, Oh yes! 

Until September 19 arrived, the earthquake of that day left me traumatized although I was only a spectator of the true tragedies, it was very difficult for me to overcome the anxiety and fear that I experienced that day, and when I thought I had overcome it I tried to return to the studio, I couldn't be there for more than 10 minutes. I did not come back ever again.

After that I did not find another study, I tried to continue on my own with a different mindset and a better sense of responsibility, there are many people who learn for themselves without any problem, but it was not my case, nothing was the same, I thought about giving up , after much thought I found that the constant was drawing, so I decided to devote myself to improve my skills, find my own style, master techniques and mix it with everything I learned at that phase. It is ok to pivot.

So it was.

That is the story of something that changed the course of my life, if you have such an experience, share everything in a message, if you want to send me a comment, I listen to you.

Thak you so much for your support and time.

This is such a great studio in México.
Alain and his girfriend are the best I will always be

thankful for believe in me.

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